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Google Adwords Training Course

When used correctly, Google Adwords, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), can really boost visits to your website, ultimately increasing your leads and sales. However, to get the most out of your budget, you need to know exactly how to utilise this fairly complex system.

Many people throw money at Google Adwords without really knowing what they're doing, and then complain when it doesn't work. When you know how to work the system properly, you will ensure that you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

We find that many of our clients would rather manage their own Google Adwords account than pay someone else to do it for them. This is the case for several reasons.

Managing the account yourself negates the management fee that would be incurred otherwise. Also, if another company managed your account, then even small changes to it would incur costs.

The user has far more control over their account; any changes can be made much faster, with no need to wait for an external account manager to get around to it.

Our bespoke PPC training course will introduce the fundamentals of Google Adwords, showing you how to create cost-effective campaigns that really work.

We continually develop, test and improve our Google Adwords campaigns to ensure that our clients' accounts are fully optimised, in order to generate maximum results from paid search.

As a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, you can be assured that we are experts in our field. Through attending our Google Adwords training course, your campaign can work just as well as ours do.

So if you're burning through your Google Adwords budget without really seeing results, get in touch with us. Then turn that campaign around and watch those sales soar!

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Why Should I Take This Course?

You should take this course to increase your knowledge of Google Adwords, which will in turn improve the performance of your PPC campaign.

Whether you know a little about Google Adwords or nothing at all, it doesn't matter, we can do PPC training from scratch, or work with the knowledge you already have.

If you want to target the audiences that are the most likely to engage with your services, ultimately leading to a boost in leads and sales, then this is the course for you.

What Will I Learn?

On completion of this course you will have learned:

Introduction To Google Ads

  • How Google Adwords/PPC can work for your business.
  • How the Google Adwords bidding auction works.
  • How to create an account and add billing details.
  • How to set goals and targets.
  • The different types of bidding.
  • How to structure your campaigns
  • How to optimise your landing page for the best Google Adwords results


  • How to create campaigns and ad groups
  • How to set a campaign budget.
  • What the different campaign types are and what they do.
  • How to alter settings to ensure a successful campaign.
  • Understanding different extensions and how to add them.


  • How to choose effective keywords to capture all relevant searches.
  • Understanding different keyword match types.
  • How Google Adwords and SEO work together.
  • The relationship between keywords, Ads and your website.
  • Adjusting the keyword bids to match targets.

Targeting Your Audience

  • A better understanding of your audience and who to target.
  • How geographic targeting works.

Tracking Results

  • How to set up conversion tracking, enabling you to identify how well your advertising campaign is generating leads, sales and
    other key actions for your business.
  • How to track desirable actions, for example phone calls, web forms completed, or sales, which have occurred as a direct result of your Google Adwords / PPC campaign.
  • Understanding and improving quality score and Ad rank
  • Ad variation testing and how to optimise for the best results.

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